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Breaking New Ground


Now with the much sharper Rover assets ready the terrain needed to be revisited as well. This mainly involved simply smoothing out the top of the graphics after upscaling them and refining the edge collision points. The edge collisions were also significantly reduced in complexity and smoothed out as some of the more accurate to sprite collision edges would sometimes catch the Rover in weird ways.

This was also the perfect time to add in an entirely new terrain set that had been in my planning from the start: Highways.

Each highway section of terrain is actually two individual sprites. The colored highway ramp and a plain white ground section underneath. This allows me to continue recoloring the ground section in Unity while not affecting the grey highways. In theory I’d also be able to smoothly fade between colors for neat area transitions.

The highways serve a number of purposes. They make sense in the game world as you are driving between established bases. They provide lots of opportunities for hazards as they have been heavy damaged with the alien attacks. Driving on the highway also increases your speed giving them a slightly faster paced feel.

The parallax background layers also got a bit of a touch up. They were already in a higher resolution than the foreground elements so they only needed to be cleaned up and given a bit of depth. I’ll definitely be coming back to work on these more later.

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