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The Start


This is the start! I’m making a game. After failing to find the inspiration to follow through on some of my other earlier concepts and experiments I finally started on something I’m confident in.

Some quick background: I’m a professional designer and website developer with a life long love for video games and a deep interest in making my own. I started making video games early in high school using the amazing Klik & Play software by the developer now known as Click Team. I’m glad to see they’re still around as their series of development tools had a huge impact on my life.

This game however is being developed in Unity3D. I wanted to expand my programming knowledge and my web development work has taught me a lot of overlapping skills with something like learning C#. Leading in to the start of this game I’ve fleshed out my knowledge of C# and the Unity SDK with many, many hours of online courses and my own experimenting.

So here it starts! This post was more of an introduction but from here on it’ll be all about Outpost Recon and the steps I’ve gone through (good and bad) developing this game. A lot of these earlier posts will be in a more retrospective manner as I catch up to my current development progress. Thankfully I’ve kept a lot of my early designs and builds of the game so I can go back and capture things to show.

Using all this archived content I hope to make this blog a very visual experience with lots of captured footage, images, sketches and more. If you’re someone interested in the game or a fellow developer following my progress I hope you find something you like.

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