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Getting Started


I had the idea in my head of an endless runner mixed with a side scrolling shooter. Taking heavy inspiration from some of the earliest games in the genre such as Moon Patrol and Galaxian as well as other SNES, Genesis and Arcade classics. Lots of obstacles to jump over or shoot, side scroller style enemy patterns and plenty of collectibles and powerups to keep things fresh.

Here is my original mockup for how the game would actually play. I believe the parallax background (very important to me) seen in the mockup was taken from the Genesis game Last Battle. VERY smooth parallax.

Wise game developer logic says to just start with the most basic placeholders possible while still working on absolute base mechanics of the game. Unfortunately I’m not a wise game developer so even to make this mockup I started putting together sprite sheets.

Thankfully I at least had the mind to not spend too long working on it. It’s still kind of interesting to see that some of the design elements even this early on remain still.

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