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Graphic Procrastination


The system to generate levels was going to be one of the more complex items to tackle for me and a cornerstone for the game as whole. Which is exactly why I put it off for a while and decided to start creating some nicer graphic assets which would be closer to the final product. As I mentioned in a previous post this kind of asset creation should probably be left for later while you’re still trying to get core functions of you game working, but here we are!

For all of my pixel art sprite work I use Asesprite. This was my first time using the software and I continue to be impressed by just how many features and options it had.

Using the rescaled elements from the prototype as a reference I created this new design for the Recon Rover. This lowfi pixel art style was much closer to what I originally had in mind compared to the vector assets seen previously. I knew this wouldn’t be the final version of the design but I was pretty happy with the vehicle shape and general style.

This wasn’t nearly as time consuming as I needed for this degree of procrastination so I started working on some of the different weapon types I’d been planning.

Those with a keen eye will notice these are broken up in to some different color highlights.

  • Orange Beam Weapons
  • Purple Rapid Fire Cannons
  • Yellow Rail Guns
  • Red Charge Beams
  • Blue Wave Launchers
  • Green Missile Launchers

The final item on the end is a cargo unit which would replace your turret for special challenge maps.

Recon Auth Signing Out