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Testing and Interactions


Now that I had the rover moving along it was time to start seeing how it would interact with different potential level elements. I had already started planning for there to be various sizes of craters, chasms, boulders and land mines for the player to avoid. Getting a feel for how big they could be, how close they could be to each other and how quickly the player would have to respond and recognize the jump power needed would be crucial.

One interesting thing that came up immediately with multiple people play testing the build was that it wasn’t obvious enough that short controlled jumps would be needed for some obstacles. Something I’d need to look at covering through the early stages of the game / introduction tutorial level.

Things were coming together. I had functioning obstacles, pickups, different surfaces affecting speed and the rover moved well enough over the terrain (for now). It was time to look closer at the first really scary hurdle: level generation.

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